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Better Value Sooner Safer Happier (BVSSH)

Better Value Sooner Safer Happier  is a global agility movement to build the behaviour and knowledge needed to improve outcomes in every organisation.

Starting with the why enables leaders to focus on outcomes and understand the role modelling needed. 

Every organisation is unique; the specific improvements you need to make  will vary depending on your context.  

BVSSH offers a whole enterprise optimisation approach, focussed on authentic continual improvement and balancing quality, speed, safety, colleague/customer satisfaction and social responsibility. Read more.

BVSSH Training & Coaching

Our commitment, as an experienced team of agility ‘ski instructors’ is to invite you to learn how to continually improve and experiment in order to maximise outcomes.

BVSSH training and coaching is designed to offer leaders at every level in every role practical experience of Patterns to aim for and awareness of Antipatterns to avoid.

Learning cannot be outsourced. Books are rarely sufficient on their own. An experienced practitioner coach is often a useful place to get started

Training Course: BVSSH Fundamentals

Using case studies, group discussion and practical scenario based exercises BVSSH Fundamentals offers 2 days of engaging and interactive remote learning about major patterns you will need for success and how to apply them.


Candidates are introduced to 8 patterns through facilitated discussion and examples:

  1. Focus on outcomes – over doing an ‘Agile Transformation’
  2. Achieve big through small – over achieve big through big
  3. Invitation to optimise – over inflicting one way of working
  4. Leadership role models – over delegating the change
  5. Whole organisation learning – over Agile in IT only
  6. Build the right thing – over water-scrum-fall projects
  7. Build the thing right – over one-size-fits-all controls
  8. Go slower to go faster – over a digital feature factory

Business scenario based exercises are used to provide candidates with practical experience of fundamental skills to start delivering Better Value Sooner Safer Happier outcomes in your organisation :


  • Focus on outcomes: starting with the why, using the VOICE canvas to focus on purpose
  • Achieve big through small: using outcome mapping to slice value into carpaccio
  • Build the right thing: aligning nested outcomes to strategy, developing a roadmap, using the Outcome canvas to express hypotheses with leading and lagging indicators
  • Whole organisation learning: visualise your value stream, identify bottlenecks, apply the improvement kata

Who is this course aimed at and what do you get?

  • BVSSH Fundamentals is designed for those who want to get started improving ways of working in their organisation
  • Candidates learn about a wide range of  patterns and antipatterns to business agility, based on training from the back of the room
  • Candidates gain practical insight into behaviours associated with delivering Better Value Sooner Safer Happier outcomes in their context
  • Candidates come away with their prioritised top #3 actions for improvement
  • The course is suitable for those in any organisational role (outside or inside of IT) and does not require prior knowledge 

Logistics and Price

  • Classes are delivered remotely using Zoom meetings and online collaboration tools 
  • Comprising 2 days of facilitated learning, each day lasts 6 hours, with breaks to minimise Zoom fatigue 
  • Once you sign-up to this class your copy of  ‘Sooner Safer Happier’ will be mailed for your reference in advance
  • Price is £1,395 + VAT (in UK) per attendee 
  • At the current time an early bird discount of 10% is available for bookings between 1st January and 30th March where payment is received at least 1 month in advance
  • Classes are scheduled in GMT timezone, please enquire about options for delivery in other timezones 
  • For bulk/volume discounts please enquire

Social and climate commitment

  • Price includes funding for planting 10 trees per candidate and associated social programs empowering women around the world, via our charity partner treesisters

BVSSH Coaching for Leaders

Business agility ‘ski instructors’ are available for coaching for leaders at all levels in all roles.

Coaching provides the opportunity for ‘skiing’ side by side, helping you to apply specific patterns explored during training inside your own organisation

Coaching  for leaders may be as a follow up to BVSSH Fundamentals Training or as a tailored programme (e.g. dojo style) for your organisation. 

Coaching engagements vary widely in duration, structure and approach. Please enquire for more information. 

Better Value Sooner Safer Happier


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