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Business Agility (BVSSH) Patterns and Antipatterns

  • Using case studies, group discussion and practical scenario based exercises Business Agility (BVSSH) Patterns and Antipatterns
    offers 2 days of engaging and interactive remote learning about 8 patterns for business agility and how to apply them.
  • The class is designed to enable candidates to connect the patterns for business agility with their own context, providing time to discuss and question, demystify theory and to illustrate with examples.
  • Candidates completing Business Agility (BVSSH) Patterns and Antipatterns are equipped with foundational skills to achieve measurable improvements in Better Value Sooner Safer Happier outcomes for your organisation.
"It reframes agile in a practical way, with load of practical exercises to work through."
"This morning I introduced colleagues to a pattern we heard about. It had a dramatic impact! Your training is immediately making a drastic difference in my organization."
"This is a good course to help you take your big ideas and break them down into attainable pieces of work that impact your business objectives."
"It has clear steps to follow in order to get better value, sooner, safer, happier."
"It provides some real (not just theoretical) ways to start making improvements in my organization."
"Outcome mapping was really good - penny drop moment that an outcome should result in a change in the customer behaviour."
"The course teaches you how to deliver better value. How to visualize the value. How to move quickly."
"Provided me an opportunity to relook and revaluate where we are up to with our digital journey"
Public Class Date and Time Region
Patterns and Antipatterns Sep 15/16 2022 @ 09:00-15:30 (2x 6 hr) New York timezone Americas/Europe
Patterns and Antipatterns Nov 7-10 2022 @ 15:30-18:30 (4 x 3 hr) Sydney timezone Pacific
Patterns and Antipatterns Dec 8/9 2022 @ 09:00-15:30 (2 x 6 hr) New York timezone Americas/Europe
Who is Business Agility (BVSSH) Patterns and Antipatterns for?


  • Value Stream Leads & Product Owners in order to build the right product with leading and lagging measures of value. In order to learn fast through rapid experimentation. In order to structure ambition into thin slices of value.
  • Ways of Working, Agile or DevOps Leads in order to energise your organisation with a clear ‘why change’ narrative. In order to engage leaders. In order to use jargon free language and achieve transformation through rapid small steps – Start small, and start!
  • Programme or Project Lead in order to achieve goals by focussing on data not the dates. In order to set ambition in terms of outcomes with leading and/or lagging measures. In order to optimise your system of work.
  • Technical/Architecture Lead in order to influence sponsors to resolve technical debt. In order to use jargon free language for better engagement. In order to apply outcome based planning (rather than features).
  • Service or Operations Manager in order to ensure quality is built in rather than inspected at the end. In order to improve collaboration between operations and delivery. In order to establish improved metrics of importance to the whole team.
  • Coach  (Ways of Working / Agility / DevOps) in order to influence senior leaders to focus on the ‘why’.  In order to improve enterprise wide communications, community and learning. In order to reduce tension between waterfall vs agile vs lean thinkers. In order to use ‘plain english’ to help everyone improve. In order to determine success metrics for ways of working improvement.