Training Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives

“The course is a well balanced mix of patterns & practice”

Business Agility (BVSSH) Patterns and Antipatterns Course Pricing

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Region 1 (in Pounds Stirling for Northern and Western Europe and in United States Dollar for North America) Region 2 (in Australian Dollars for the Rest of World)
£ 1,395 per person ($1,795 per person in United States Dollar) Australian $ 1,895 per person
10% Early Bird Discount: £1,255 per person ($1,615 per person in United States Dollar) 10% Early Bird Discount: Australian $1,705 per person


  • This is a 2 day class running as 2 x 6 hr days or 4 x 3 hr sessions
  • In addition to the class, includes:
    • 45 minute 1:1 coaching session
    • your own copy of Sooner Safer Happier as the course text
    • membership of BVSSH Alumni Network – open space series
  • Early bird discount of 10% available for bookings and payment made at least 1 month in advance
  • For Private classes please enquire for availability and bulk discount

Social and climate commitment

  • Price includes funding of a tree per participant making your participation in the remote class 200x carbon positive over the life of the tree, via our charity partner treesisters

Quick Learn: Outcome Canvas

Taken from our Business Agility (BVSSH) Patterns and Antipatterns course this simple exercise enables everyone to understand, measure and improve the identification and delivery of Value.

Course Syllabus

MODULE 1: Agility Patterns (Part 1)

  1. Focus on outcomes – over doing an ‘Agile Transformation’
  2. Achieve big through small – over achieve big through big
  3. Invitation to optimise – over inflicting one way of working
  4. Leadership role models – over delegating the change

MODULE 2: Value / Outcomes & OKRs

  1. Maintaining customer focus
  2. Write your own nested outcomes with key results
  3. Articulate thin slices of value
  4. Build alignment and transparency across the enterprise

MODULE 3: Agility Patterns (Part 2)

  1. Whole organisation learning – over Agile in IT only
  2. Build the right thing – over water-scrum-fall projects
  3. Build the thing right – over one-size-fits-all controls
  4. Go slower to go faster – over a digital feature factory

MODULE 4: Sooner 

  1. Visualise flow and discover sources of delay
  2. Create a focus on continuous improvement
  3. Measure for learning
  4. Using OpenSpace to pop the bubbles
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