Sooner Safer Happier is a global business agility consultancy enabling organisations to achieve better outcomes.

Our approach

Experienced Practitioners

  • Our team are deeply experienced practitioners and former clients who have walked in your shoes. With our sleeves rolled up we are able to guide, coach and help you learn the patterns of business agility through doing.

Focus on Outcomes

  • We focus on outcomes first and foremost. Our long term client commitment goes beyond individual engagements. We recognise sticky change takes time and that help can come in a variety of forms over time.


  • Your organisation is unique. When it comes to improving business agility there is no one size fits all. Based on your context we co-create with your team the experiments needed to discover an improvement path. 


Better Value Sooner Safer Happier (BVSSH) is an outcome oriented approach to continuously improve ways of working.

Better is quality improvement. Quality is built in rather than inspected in later. With improving quality there is less rework, less failure demand


Value is unique to your organisation; it’s why you are doing what you are doing; it could be financial; it could be maintaining public safety; it could be charitable. In a complex unpredictable environment value improvement is achieved via outcome hypotheses with leading and lagging measures (also known as OKRs)

Sooner is improving your time to market, time to learning, to pivoting, to de-risking, to avoiding a “sunk cost fallacy,” to locking in progress early and often

Safer is improving Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) and resilience in chaos, be that against a cyber-attack or a global pandemic. It is customers trusting your organization


Happier is improving levels of customer advocacy and colleague engagement with a positive impact on society and the one planet we live on. A more humane way of working


Together, Better Value Sooner Safer Happier balance each other and lead to a virtuous circle of improving outcomes for your organisation

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