Local Government: Sooner, Safer, Happier for Stockport MBC

  Chapter 1 For many years, all across the UK, local governments have been working against all odds to survive in an environment that can only be described as challenging. The 2010-15 government resulted in a series of cuts to local authority budgets and since then funding has continued to fall. Whilst demands for critical … Read more

Business Agility Goes to College

If you were to develop an advanced course in agility what would you do?
Business agility* is proving to be a significant competitive advantage. Companies that are advanced in their adoption of business agility report 60% higher revenue than the rest of organizations surveyed and “Eight out of ten organizations have committed to adopting it.”

Unlocking Measurability

About 85% of the matter in the Universe is unseen matter. We can only observe it by its gravitational influence. What is the % of unseen work & queues (waiting) in your organisation, and what is the impact on flow efficiency? Flow efficiency = (sum of time that work is being worked on) ÷ (total … Read more

How should I fund agility?

“Our investment funding is tied to detailed upfront business cases and annual project cycles. Its hard to understand what a different funding model might look like in new ways of working”   In our Q1 Business Agility Pulse Survey funding models was one of the Top 10 antipatterns identified by those trying to improve ways … Read more

Business agility pulse check – Q1 2021

Over the course of 3 months starting November 2020, the release date of ‘Sooner Safer Happier, Patterns & Antipatterns for Business Agility’, the authors conducted a pulse check on the state of business agility. At time of writing 230 individuals participated: leaders, practitioners, and lean/agile & enterprise coaches from multiple organisations across Americas, Europe, India … Read more

Slow down in order to “speed up”: Pay continuous attention to Technical Excellence

In 1938 Marjorie Courtenay-Latimer, a curator at the East London museum in South Africa, received a phone call from the local docks. A fisherman had landed a strange-looking fish. He knew that Courtenay-Latimer was always interested in seeing unusual specimens and thought that she might like to come down and view the catch.   Reaching … Read more

Outcome Hypotheses – a Primer

In order to optimize for Better Value Sooner Safer Happier in the context of product development, there needs to be a shift from fixed, big, up-front designed solutions to outcome hypotheses with experimentation. There is a pivot from output to outcomes, from following a fixed plan to maximizing value.  Key considerations: 1: Emergence Product development … Read more